Tuesday, August 5, 2008

And all that Razz!

Hello hello all you razz lovers out there, its Brian here with some insight in how I play me some razz.

Heres an interesting hand from the Skillz HORSE tourney last night:

Full Tilt Poker Game #7527905638: Blogger Skillz Game (56771411), Table 2 - 500/1000 Ante 100 - Limit Razz - 23:44:43 ET - 2008/08/05
Seat 1: ezemlime (9,585)
Seat 2: NumbBono (5,970)
Seat 3: pvanharibo (17,083)
Seat 4: twoblackaces (11,580)
Seat 5: cemfredmd (2,395)
Seat 6: iam23skidoo (6,914)
Seat 7: Astin (3,430)
Seat 8: 1Queens Up1 (9,043)
ezemlime antes 100
NumbBono antes 100
pvanharibo antes 100
twoblackaces antes 100
cemfredmd antes 100
iam23skidoo antes 100
Astin antes 100
1Queens Up1 antes 100
*** 3RD STREET ***
Dealt to ezemlime [4h]
Dealt to NumbBono [As]
Dealt to pvanharibo [2d]
Dealt to twoblackaces [9c]
Dealt to cemfredmd [6s]
Dealt to iam23skidoo [6c]
Dealt to Astin [2c]
Dealt to 1Queens Up1 [6d Ad] [7h] <--- rough 7 but notice only 2 cards that will help me are dead
twoblackaces is high with [9c]
twoblackaces has 15 seconds left to act
twoblackaces brings in for 150
cemfredmd folds
iam23skidoo folds
Astin folds
1Queens Up1 calls 150 <---- cautious
ezemlime folds
NumbBono calls 150
pvanharibo folds
*** 4TH STREET ***
Dealt to NumbBono [As] [3c]
Dealt to twoblackaces [9c] [Jc]
Dealt to 1Queens Up1 [6d Ad 7h] [3d] <--- notice he grabbed a 3 as well, makes my draw a little stronger with the possibility of pairing going down
NumbBono bets 500
twoblackaces folds
1Queens Up1 calls 500
*** 5TH STREET ***
Dealt to NumbBono [As 3c] [2s] <---- doh
Dealt to 1Queens Up1 [6d Ad 7h 3d] [2h] <---- sweetness
NumbBono bets 1,000 <--- rep that made hand baby
1Queens Up1 raises to 2,000 <---- where am i?
NumbBono calls 1,000 <--- in hold'em id be worried about a smooth call. In razz, this means he hasnt hit a good low yet. Why? Because if you have a nut you are building the pot right now on the costlier streets. Also raising hre without the nut low throws people off too. What would scare me most here is a check. Check means hes going to re-raise you
*** 6TH STREET ***
Dealt to NumbBono [As 3c 2s] [4s] <---- Ok That could hurt.
Dealt to 1Queens Up1 [6d Ad 7h 3d 2h] [Ts]
NumbBono bets 1,000
1Queens Up1 calls 1,000 <--- Ok lets count. 3 sixes are gone, so most likely doesnt have a 6 low, we've seen the only 7, and we've seen no 5s or 8s. My gut instinct here is that he has 2 paired, or has an 8 low going with a bad undercard.

Dealt to 1Queens Up1 [6d Ad 7h 3d 2h Ts] [Kh]<--- No help to me. And we have no idea if he caught one of those 5s.
NumbBono bets 1,000
1Queens Up1 calls 1,000 <--- Loose call since we didnt improve and we have no idea if he improved or not. I can say this call was purely because we've invested so much in this pot up till now hes gotta show us that 5 or 7-4. I'm not a big math guy so I dont know what the probabilities for him having a better or worse hand, but there are 8 cards that can beat us if he caught, and a lot more that dont.
*** SHOW DOWN ***
NumbBono shows [Ks Kd As 3c 2s 4s Td] T,4,3,2,A
1Queens Up1 shows [Kh 6d 7h 3d 2h Ts Ad] 7,6,3,2,A
1Queens Up1 wins the pot (10,250) with 7,6,3,2,A <--- YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!

I welcome any thoughts or opinions on my donkery, if you would've folded on 6th just tell me why.

Thanks guys, see you again next time!

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