Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm a Copy Cat (Jude)

How cool is that?? Two BTN writers win Razz tournaments this weekend! Congrats to Poker Enthusiast who won this tournament on Saturday. (See his post below.)

It was a rather last minute decision to play this one. I haven't been playing much Razz lately, but I didn't want to get too rusty, as I'm hoping to participate in PE's KORS tournaments, so I registered.

The tournament started out slowly for me, I was playing pretty tight, which is the opposite of my usual early play. I tend to get too aggressive too quickly and I'm working on that. I didn't get really lucky or unlucky, it was a nice (but rare) balance.

I was sitting about 7th in chips when a player made me literally LOL. There were two guys who had become table buddies, one of them had just busted and was giving some advice to his new friend, who was the chip leader at the time.

xNUMIx (Observer): this is yours
Dealer: Belgarath32 wins the pot (390)
Dealer: Hand #7019688043
xNUMIx (Observer): watch out for jude
xNUMIx (Observer): she's good
cereeves1: lol ty

That was hilarious to me. I mean he was 'talking' like I wasn't even there. I had been quiet, maybe he thought my chat was off. I don't know, but it made me laugh.

I only had one river suckout, but it was for a huge pot against two all-in players on the final table bubble, (one of them was cereeves1 from the chat above) hitting my nut low draw against a made 8 (if I remember correctly) and a 10. That was a key hand. To be honest, I thought they would fold before they reached the all-in point...I mean they could see my cards!...but fold, they did not.

After making a good read on the chip leader at the final table for a pot that crippled him, I was called the worst Razz player he'd ever seen! I may dig this one out of the hand histories later and post about it, but basically I put the guy on a bluff and after using my time bank, I called the river and he was indeed bluffing. He went nuts. It was great.

Then I got to heads-up with Allan. I swear this was a grueling HU match. He played way too tight for HU and this allowed me to catch up to his 2 : 1 chip lead. But everytime we would actually play out a hand, he would hit and I would brick, knocking me right back down. Then I'd get back up with my aggressive betting and right back down again. It was so frustrating. So, on the 3rd time I had taken the chip lead back, I decide there is no way I'm gonna get this guy to make a mistake unless I trap him. Let him catch up a little, enough to continue playing. 'Cause let me tell you, it seemed he was folding everything but four cards to a 6 low draw....

Finally I pick up a trapping hand A2(4) and he has a 6 up. You know what the first rule of Razz should be? Do not slow play a hand that's not made! LOL Yea, I nearly slow played my way right into a 2nd place finish there.

By this time, I didn't really know what to do with this guy. It seemed that I just couldn't close the deal! I continued to chip back up with completion bets and re-raises until once more I had the chip lead by a couple hundred chips. I was tired and frustrated, very close to giving up, but I tried my best to stay focused. We took one more hand to showdown and amazingly, his bricks were worse than my bricks on that one. Ship it! :)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Guess I Don't Have to Bubble.

I guess I can still play this game a little. I got a little lucky at the final table but I played the game vs. his style and not my cards. I called many hands with any two low, even with a big card up so that he wouldn't continue to try and run me over. The key was finding a cycle in his betting patterns and using it to play back. I did try to lose it at one point when I slow played a very solid 4 card hand into a fold when I hit some bricks.

Soon the night I bubbled the BTN Token Mayhem, bubbled the final table in the $5 Razz tourney, and took down the $10 Razz tourney...culd have been a really good night.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Live blogging the BTN KORS Token Mayhem

8:07 Being that this is the first one I have had a chance to play, I thought I would live blog it.

8:11 I have noticed that a few players have started playing these tourneys. I'm not sure if they will ever get real big but I think it is a nice change to the normal token frenzys that take places at various time during the day.

8:25 6 players signed up right now. I think our high water mark so far has been 4 and with 20 minutes to go we could reach 2 tables.

8:42 3 minutes to game time...I'm going to play the $5 tourney at the same time.


8:51 Just bricked...missed the picture.

8:55 Morons are capping it with 9s and T up in my $5 tourney.


9:26 Starting to chip up.

9:31 Just missed a great draw and lost to a T.

9:38 Need to catch a hand ad getting bring ins.

And I'm out on the bubble.

Sup outlasted OG for the token.

Monday, June 23, 2008

HOP Wins

As I sat home after a long weekend of watching and coaching softball I turned on the computer to catch up on my blog reading. It was after 7:00 so I watched the cubs play and chatted with Riggs and IT as I fought off the sleep that was coming hard and fast. As the sun slowly faded into night I jumped at the thought of the nightly BTN KORS Token Mayhem getting ready to start…That’s when I saw the time. I missed it. Now not to many players have been playing this yet but I looked and saw the creator of “The Jordon” playing heads up against Surf’s wife. That bothered me even more because I know IT would have played and if you add me, we would have given out a token. In the end, HOP took it down with a myriad stellar plays.

Just a reminder…the first BTN KORS Sub-Qualifier will be on July 1st at 8:45 central time. It is deep stacked and will pay out $75 seats for the BTN KORS Qualifier on the 22nd. All of this leads to the $200 final on the 29th so come on by and get your tokens ready to get in cheap for the final. It could be a sick payout for a small investment.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I smell news...

Now if you haven't been playing in the BTN token sats you are missing out. These tourneys are SUPER SOFT and you can win your way into the Monthly championship in a couple steps starting with just $8.80.

I believe that the BTN tourney will grow and be +EV for all especially with the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT... which will be coming to soon.

The pieces are falling into place and who benefits? YOU DO!

Friday, June 20, 2008

My Razz Tee (Jude)

Dear Poker Enthusiast,

While being a stripper is cool and all, can this be my new BTN JudeWear logo, please?

Thanks for your consideration!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


I would like to thank Mookiefor the KORS banner. I tried a couple of things and could come up with nothing that worked. I sent him an email and he banged this one out. This proof that having 147 children dosen't suck the creativity out of you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

KORS Update

An update on the KORS is here. I have changed the daily BTN KORS Token Mayhem time to 21:45 from 20:00. It was to early for many of the players to get involved so be prepared for the new start time.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

The KORS...Brought to You By BTN

EDIT...It has been brought to my attention that I forgot to say W00T to f-train for his razz cash at the WSOP. Good job man.

The BBT is over and people are burned-out. The bankroll consuming events from a three-month long series tested friendships and the drama along the way has invoked name-calling and hard feelings that will be difficult to repair without time, understanding and a willingness to let things go. So what do I do…I make changes to my tournament…”The KORD”

The KORD was a monthly event that was more for fun and to kill time but I have come up with something better. It is called the KORS.

KORS refers to “King Of Razz Series”. It is a series of event that culminate in a large buy-in tourney at the end of the month that could have some very nice payouts for the players involved. So here it is in a nut shell.

The big event will be on the last Tuesday of every month and will be a $200 + 16 event. Now $200 is a lot of money for any event but here is the good part…there are steps to get to the final.

The second to last Tuesday will be a $75 token event that will pay out seats to the big one. Additionally, there will be $26 token tourneys the first 2 or 3 Tuesday, depending on the month, that will get you the $75 tokens. Finally, I will have daily token tourneys for 8+.80 to earn a token. So, in essence, you could play in the big event for as little as $8 and have a chance for a big pay day. Sounds good doesn’t it.

I’m still getting the last couple of tourneys straightened out but I’ll give it to you anyway because it will be coming.

Starting June 15th

Daily BTN KORS Token Mayhem
Buy-in: $8+.80
@ 21:45 on Full Tilt
Password: pokere

July 1, 8 and 15

BTN KORS Sub-Qualifier
Buy-in: 26$
@ 21:45 on Full Tilt
Password: pokere

July 22nd

BTN KORS Championship Qualifier
Buy-in: $75
@ 21:45 on Full Tilt
Password: pokere

July 29th
BTN KORS Monthly Championship
Buy-in: $216
@ 21:45 on Full Tilt
Password: pokere

So there you have it. Let me know what you think. I can add some other events if people would like or some other qualifiers if needed. I’m hoping people will use the steps and take a shot at a nice $200 tourney. Of course you can un register if you feel the need but I really like the idea of a larger buy-in Razz tourney that can played for a small investment.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The KORS is Moving to Tuesdays

With the Skills game going away, I thought I would take the Razz part and make a weekly series of events and ave them run on Tuesdays. More setails to come soon but I think you Razz players will enjoy what I'm going to try. Think big montly tourney. Anyway, I'm changing it to KORS to stand for King of Razz Series. Thats all for now.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

KORD part 1

We Have a New KORD Champion...Sammymorb

It was a great field last night with some new players as well as some veterans. In the end Waffles was knocked out by matty821 and picked a BTN t-shirt for his bounty. I suggested the waffles thong but he felt it wasn't really his style.

The starting tables were:

I didn't get many screen shots tonight but I did get a shot of the final table.

We got to the final table with 2 BTN writers at the final table with surf coming up a little short of the cash in 5th place. The bubble boy was matty821 who played well but came up a short in the end. In third place was pokerenthusiast. Yes I worked hard and got very lucky...and saved surflexus a lot of money by beating much of the field. Bayne_s battled for 2nd place and was awarded the $5 bounty...this was baynes_s 2nd cash in the KORD. And the winner is sammymorb. He knocked me out and got the $5 bounty so he hit it big with my knockout.

Thanks to all for playing.

I will put up some video of the final table so stay tuned for that.

Have a great day.

Friday, June 6, 2008

New KORD News

Surflexus put a bounty on my head...kind of. He will send anyone who lasts longer then me $5. That should be easy to do considering how bad I'm running. Good luck to all who come and get it. Check out the KORD banner on the right for details.


Just as a reminder, The KORD is tonight at 9:15 central time on Full Tilt. Coma and join the fun and take your best shot at waffles. I’m not sure what I’ll send the person who knocks him out but it could be a waffles t-shirt…or a waffles thong. More then likely it will be Brickin The Nutz T-shirt so lets bust waffles. If he wins the whole thing, he will model his waffles thong so somebody better beat him.

Have a great day.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The KORD is Coming

Don't forget to sign up for the KORD on Full Tilt.

I will be giving away a bounty to the person who knocks out waffles. To claim the bounty you will have to email me your name and address and I will send you a prize from out collection of apparal here.


I played the $5 Razz tourney on FT the other night. It was the first time I had done it in a long time and I now remember why. An example of how my night went...I have 2468 showing my opponent has 39TJ showing. I bet he calls. Now the fact that I have two pair at the time doesn't really matter because a normal play will realize that even if I paired twice I need any card T or lower that doesn't pair to give me the win. He calls me down and actually wins with a made J.

I love razz.