Sunday, June 15, 2008

The KORS...Brought to You By BTN

EDIT...It has been brought to my attention that I forgot to say W00T to f-train for his razz cash at the WSOP. Good job man.

The BBT is over and people are burned-out. The bankroll consuming events from a three-month long series tested friendships and the drama along the way has invoked name-calling and hard feelings that will be difficult to repair without time, understanding and a willingness to let things go. So what do I do…I make changes to my tournament…”The KORD”

The KORD was a monthly event that was more for fun and to kill time but I have come up with something better. It is called the KORS.

KORS refers to “King Of Razz Series”. It is a series of event that culminate in a large buy-in tourney at the end of the month that could have some very nice payouts for the players involved. So here it is in a nut shell.

The big event will be on the last Tuesday of every month and will be a $200 + 16 event. Now $200 is a lot of money for any event but here is the good part…there are steps to get to the final.

The second to last Tuesday will be a $75 token event that will pay out seats to the big one. Additionally, there will be $26 token tourneys the first 2 or 3 Tuesday, depending on the month, that will get you the $75 tokens. Finally, I will have daily token tourneys for 8+.80 to earn a token. So, in essence, you could play in the big event for as little as $8 and have a chance for a big pay day. Sounds good doesn’t it.

I’m still getting the last couple of tourneys straightened out but I’ll give it to you anyway because it will be coming.

Starting June 15th

Daily BTN KORS Token Mayhem
Buy-in: $8+.80
@ 21:45 on Full Tilt
Password: pokere

July 1, 8 and 15

BTN KORS Sub-Qualifier
Buy-in: 26$
@ 21:45 on Full Tilt
Password: pokere

July 22nd

BTN KORS Championship Qualifier
Buy-in: $75
@ 21:45 on Full Tilt
Password: pokere

July 29th
BTN KORS Monthly Championship
Buy-in: $216
@ 21:45 on Full Tilt
Password: pokere

So there you have it. Let me know what you think. I can add some other events if people would like or some other qualifiers if needed. I’m hoping people will use the steps and take a shot at a nice $200 tourney. Of course you can un register if you feel the need but I really like the idea of a larger buy-in Razz tourney that can played for a small investment.


kurokitty said...

No love for F-Train's cash in the WSOP Razz event?

The Poker Enthusiast said...

crap...I forgot about it

I even checked the updates until he got knocked out

TheRazzDoctor said...

Outstanding idea PE. I'll help get the word out to make your new series a rousing success.

The Poker Enthusiast said...

Thanks doc...I think it could go really well with a little pimping

Renee said...

Hey - thanks for the info about the “King Of Razz Series” KORS series. I will be sure to check it and mention it to a few buds...