Saturday, December 29, 2007

An Introduction (JudeSalem)

As I'm fairly new to Razz, only beginning to study the game a few short months ago, I'm not sure how beneficial my posts will be to anyone reading, but I will try my best to throw some ideas around here. Maybe by posting my thoughts on specific hands, I'll be able to learn along with any fellow newbies who may be reading.

So, let's see. I'm a 30-something female who's been playing poker casually for 3 years, semi-seriously for 2. I started online at Party Poker and then gained the courage to play live in the casinos in Tunica. (Funny how I never played cards when I worked there; go figure) I prefer LHE cash and NLH tournaments.

After being introduced to Razz through HORSE tournaments, I immediately hated the game, but was intrigued by the concept of playing the up cards of the other players and not so much my own cards. Something clicked and I went from dreading the Razz round to actually looking forward to it. Then I began watching Poker Enthusiast and chatting with him about the game and now I'm hooked. Starting in the Razz freerolls on Full Tilt, I moved up through the $1, $2 and $5 sng/mtt levels and my goal is to take a shot at the $2K in the near future. I don't get to play as often as I'd like, but I try to learn something new each time I play and I'll try to pass that along here. Most of the time it will probably be about what NOT to do, but hey, that can be helpful too. ;)

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