Friday, December 28, 2007

Razz Poker Blog

Welcome to Brickin The Nutz...A Razz Poker Blog. This is an idea I came up with a while ago and decided to start in an attempt to improve my Razz game as well as the game of my readers. And because there is no one way to play the game, I have for the help of a few other players to make additions to this site. First a little about me.

I have been playing online for about two years. I started playing at Noble Poker after filling out a survey about online poker and having $5 deposited into my account there. About a year ago I played my first Razz tourney and made it to the final table. I only had a rudimentary understanding of the game but I realized that that there was money to be made playing the game. During the last year I have played a ton of tourneys and have made numerous final tables in the process.

Surflexus is a long time player who just started playing Razz MTTs during the last year on a regular basis. He has a ton of experience so I think his insight will be valuable as he explains his decision making process.

JudeSalem is new to the game having started playing Razz in October. A fresh prospective from someone learning to control their bankroll and also improve their game.

Waffles will be dropping his head in from time to time to give his unique perspective on the game. He is a long time internet player who can dish out some harsh reality from his point of view.

So here you attempt at something to kill productivity in the work place. We will be giving hand examples, talking about results, looking at the decision making process and other things that pop up along the way.



OhCaptain said...

What a cool idea! I look forward to seeing what happens. I love razz. I've wanted to try a few more tournaments in razz. I suck at hold'em cash games, but do much better a tournaments. Razz, I make money in a cash game...and I completely suck at tournaments.

Think you can save my tournament game in razz? I'm crossing my fingers!

The Poker Enthusiast said...

I can help. sned me an e-mail at brickinthenutz at comcast dot net and we can get in touch.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

Building a house, one brick at a time...

Good Luck!


MEMPHIS00 said...

I really enjoy razz and love the idea of a blog thats sole purpose is the game of Razz. It is a tough game, very frustrating, but very enjoyable.

Looking forward to your posts!