Wednesday, July 2, 2008

BTN KORS Sub-Qualifier #1 is in the Books

Well we had the first sub qualifier for the KORS Championship and we had one winner to the $75 qualifier with a small field. I felt bad because I could play last night because of family commitments but I logged on to see 4 players left battling it out about half way through the second hour. OG_FATHEAD, xNUMIx, Instanttragedy and surflexus battled back and forth as OG was also playing the 5K Razz tourney on Full Tilt. OG ended up getting knocked out in 4th in the qualifier but made the final table in the 5K so it was a net win for him. With the three players and two of them being BTN writers I felt there was a good chance of getting one of us BTNers to the next stage but xNUMIx made a tough call against Instanttragedy on a scary board to take the chip lead and soon after IT was gone. Surflexus battled for a while with surf ramping up the aggression by pushing his good hands hard but it wasn’t to be for him as xNUMIx took it down and earned the spot to the next step.

I was a little disappointed by the turnout. In retrospect I think having three weeks of sub qualifiers might have been a mistake. It is to late to change that now but I think I will change it up for next month. The first Tuesday will be changed to a knockout tourney of some sort or maybe just a standard tourney structure. I’m also thinking of adding another qualifier the night before the main event but I’m not sure as of yet.

Some of the questions I have is about the $200 buy-in. Is this to high? Can we get a big enough turnout down the road to make this an exciting event? Would it be better to lower the buy-in to $100? I can create steps for any buy-in level but is it best to keep it at the ratio I currently have? These are some of the thing I am thinking about as the KORS moves forward.

Let me know what you think.


pokerpeaker said...

I would definitely play one Razz tourney a week but don't think I will play the qualifers. Just a regular tournament, however, once a week or maybe once every couple of weeks would be a blast.

The Monster Stack said...

I feel like a dick for having not played a single event in the KORS. I love razz but have been focused on some other things. I would say that the $200 buy-in is too high only because I personally would not buy-in directly unless the field was big enough which it probably won't be at the outset. If it was $100, more people might consider buying in directly or playing some more sats with a more realistic chance of winning an entry. I would certainly consider a direct buy-in at $100 if the field was a decent size.