Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Next KORS and a Hand Question

I hand this hand the other night at the beginning of a tilt induced down-slide. The question I have is if this is the right play to make with this board.

Full Tilt Poker Game #7077279313: Table Spring Mountain - $0.50/$1 Ante $0.10 - Limit Razz - 23:02:28 ET - 2008/07/03
Seat 1: pokerenthusiast ($16.55)
Seat 3: ts24chavez ($12.40)
Seat 5: SVO-JFK ($10.10)
Seat 7: 04071953 ($10.40)
Seat 8: scottyrob1 ($14.35)
ts24chavez antes $0.10
pokerenthusiast antes $0.10
04071953 antes $0.10
SVO-JFK antes $0.10
scottyrob1 antes $0.10
*** 3RD STREET ***
Dealt to pokerenthusiast [6h 8c] [Ad]
Dealt to ts24chavez [Qc]
Dealt to SVO-JFK [6s]
Dealt to 04071953 [8s]
Dealt to scottyrob1 [As]
ts24chavez is high with [Qc]
ts24chavez brings in for $0.15
SVO-JFK calls $0.15
04071953 folds
scottyrob1 calls $0.15
pokerenthusiast completes it to $0.50
ts24chavez folds
SVO-JFK calls $0.35
scottyrob1 folds
*** 4TH STREET ***
Dealt to pokerenthusiast [6h 8c Ad] [7d]
Dealt to SVO-JFK [6s] [2d]
SVO-JFK bets $0.50
pokerenthusiast raises to $1
SVO-JFK calls $0.50
*** 5TH STREET ***
Dealt to pokerenthusiast [6h 8c Ad 7d] [4d]
Dealt to SVO-JFK [6s 2d] [5c]
SVO-JFK bets $1
pokerenthusiast raises to $2
SVO-JFK calls $1

I re-pop here to see where I am at. I figure he re-raises me if he is ahead so the call tells me he has paired or has a nine or ten behind.

*** 6TH STREET ***
Dealt to pokerenthusiast [6h 8c Ad 7d 4d] [7s]
Dealt to SVO-JFK [6s 2d 5c] [3s]
SVO-JFK bets $1
carrie10574 sits down
carrie10574 adds $10
pokerenthusiast has 15 seconds left to act
pokerenthusiast: deck hit you well
pokerenthusiast folds
Uncalled bet of $1 returned to SVO-JFK

Having a rough 8 is not where I want to be but I have seen players calling with any low card up and wanted to try and isolate against one player pre-fourth street. So is this the right move?

The last KORS sub-qualifier is tonight. Lets see if we can get a few spots into next week’s $75 tourney. Game time is 8:45 central and the password is pokere. Find it on Full Tilt.


Mitchell said...

Agree the pre-flop raise is right. And it looks you are beaten on 6th and drawing dead.

The only other part of this is if the speed of his bet on 6th street changed; that is sometimes you can get a clue with the speed of a player's bet. Long pauses before a bet are often a reverse tell online and mean the guy is very strong.

TheRazzDoctor said...

Hey pokere, sorry your KORS championship didn't go last night. I was all ready to play it, but no one else showed. Don't give up yet tho... I think it's a good idea and just needs more "buzz" to get people with the right BRs interested.