Friday, March 21, 2008

The 2k Try

Last night, I used a token for my first try at the 2k on Full Tilt. It was a rather large field at 93 entrants. Things went well for the first hour. There was a new player to my left at my first table(they had to be new to Razz) who was completeing with his Q bringins, etc. Staying in hands with 10 lows to obvious made 6s. You can't complain about players like that. He would spew his chips around the table and then chip up again, rinse repeat. Maybe he was just blowing off steam or something, who knows. It was so bad that during one hand I was involved in, a chatty conspiracy theorist at the table not-so-vaguely accused us of collusion. Idiot! If I get an email from FT, I will be so angry....

Anyway, close to the end of the 2nd hour, I was sitting in the top 5 with 35-ish players left when I got moved to a new table. I was moved a lot during this trny and I always hate that, because I don't have any reads on the players. I mis-read, mis-played one hand and slid to 9th and it was downhill from there. Eventually going out in 25th and no cash.

It was really disappointing. For one thing, the players in this are not that much better than the $5 ones. The main thing I noticed is that there is a lot more bluffing with low up cards in this one. I saw one guy go to war with 94(4) and took it showdown! He lost, btw.

So, had I not misplayed that one hand, I'm pretty sure I could've made a nice finish and that's what was so disappointing. Heartbreaking, actually! But it's the same as in a NL trny, you play great for hours and then one dumb mistake sends you out empty handed. Ugh.

I will try this one again, though. I don't think the players are all that spectacular or intimidating, like I thought they would be. Heck, I've seen more skill in PE's KORD tournament! :)

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