Sunday, April 13, 2008

Getting Back to the Game

It has been a while for me. Life interrupted for a while but I should be able to get back into this again. For those of you waiting on word about the next KORD, I will post something later this week.

So after staying away for a while I played the 2K on Full Tilt the other night. Over all it was an uneventful night. Some hands held up and other flamed out. Kings made calls they shouldn’t and nut draws bricked. Through it all I had a bad player at my table that kept me in the game. I won about 3K chips from him alone. Anyway, I kept a slow climb going until going a little card dead near the end. I had to start stealing to stay alive and it worked. On the final table bubble I worked hard to stay alive. I needed one hand to get me over the edge but it never came as I ended the night in 9th place.

As far as cash goes, I played last night and had a solid night. I finished up a buy in and could have been up another $30 if not for a runner runner suckout. I used some new ideas that Jude talked to me about from the book Razz Poker To Win by Mitchell Cogert. I won’t give you the details because you should read the book. The process he discusses isn’t much different then what I use but helps define how you play. Check it out if you like to play razz.


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