Sunday, April 6, 2008

Razz Book Review: Play Razz Poker to Win by Mitchell Cogert

Finally, I have a minute to post about the book that I've been reading, Play Razz Poker to Win by Mitchell Cogert.

No matter which form of poker you're playing, it all comes down to starting hand selection. This is (or should be!) the core of your game and Cogert gives excellent advice in this area with a well thought out Points System. It's an easy 5 step system that will help you decide whether you should play that A 7 (8) you've been dealt or actually (gasp!) fold it. I think the system is great for beginners, as it takes away all of the 'guess work' for you and helps you make those borderline decisions a lot easier.

Of course, you can't always wait for a great 3 card low, just as you can't always wait for Aces and Kings in NLH, and Cogert gives great advice on the subject of well timed stealing with the use of position, up cards and the reads of others.

His advice for defending your bring-in bet was very good (I'm guilty of this also from time to time) with a simple Two-Level Rule, which also applies to 4th street play.

I think 4th street is where things can get sticky for a lot of players, myself included. Cogert gives many examples, scenarios and odds for play on this street. Being aware of the proper odds for drawing vs. folding on 4th is key in this game. His catch-line is Don't be the Azz in Razz!

There's even a section of hand histories from an actual Full Tilt session for all the hand history buffs out there where you can follow along as he plays a 5/10 cash game.

Then there's the section in the back on odds of made 9s vs draws, which I thought was very informative.

All in all, I thought it was a very well written book on Razz and I would recommend it for beginners, as well as intermediate players, especially for the Starting Hand Points System.

So, if you're getting bored with NLH (and who doesn't, eventually??) and want to learn a new game or if you just want to be better at the R in HORSE, give this book a read and you will no longer be the Azz in Razz. :)


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