Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The KORS is Moving to Tuesdays

With the Skills game going away, I thought I would take the Razz part and make a weekly series of events and ave them run on Tuesdays. More setails to come soon but I think you Razz players will enjoy what I'm going to try. Think big montly tourney. Anyway, I'm changing it to KORS to stand for King of Razz Series. Thats all for now.


Mondogarage said...

Sweet, indeed. I look forward to finally putting some KORDs around my neck, so to speak.

Renee said...

Hey - I just heard abit about the RAZZ series. Will wait and see what you have planned for the big monthly tournament. Thanks for the update!

Instant Tragedy said...

The KORS will RULE!

Congrats PE and the rest of the BTN staff!