Monday, June 23, 2008

HOP Wins

As I sat home after a long weekend of watching and coaching softball I turned on the computer to catch up on my blog reading. It was after 7:00 so I watched the cubs play and chatted with Riggs and IT as I fought off the sleep that was coming hard and fast. As the sun slowly faded into night I jumped at the thought of the nightly BTN KORS Token Mayhem getting ready to start…That’s when I saw the time. I missed it. Now not to many players have been playing this yet but I looked and saw the creator of “The Jordon” playing heads up against Surf’s wife. That bothered me even more because I know IT would have played and if you add me, we would have given out a token. In the end, HOP took it down with a myriad stellar plays.

Just a reminder…the first BTN KORS Sub-Qualifier will be on July 1st at 8:45 central time. It is deep stacked and will pay out $75 seats for the BTN KORS Qualifier on the 22nd. All of this leads to the $200 final on the 29th so come on by and get your tokens ready to get in cheap for the final. It could be a sick payout for a small investment.

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Renee said...

Thanks for the reminder about the BTN KORS Sub-Qualifier. Will be sure to check it out. THanks for the good postings!