Saturday, June 7, 2008

We Have a New KORD Champion...Sammymorb

It was a great field last night with some new players as well as some veterans. In the end Waffles was knocked out by matty821 and picked a BTN t-shirt for his bounty. I suggested the waffles thong but he felt it wasn't really his style.

The starting tables were:

I didn't get many screen shots tonight but I did get a shot of the final table.

We got to the final table with 2 BTN writers at the final table with surf coming up a little short of the cash in 5th place. The bubble boy was matty821 who played well but came up a short in the end. In third place was pokerenthusiast. Yes I worked hard and got very lucky...and saved surflexus a lot of money by beating much of the field. Bayne_s battled for 2nd place and was awarded the $5 bounty...this was baynes_s 2nd cash in the KORD. And the winner is sammymorb. He knocked me out and got the $5 bounty so he hit it big with my knockout.

Thanks to all for playing.

I will put up some video of the final table so stay tuned for that.

Have a great day.

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