Monday, June 30, 2008

I'm a Copy Cat (Jude)

How cool is that?? Two BTN writers win Razz tournaments this weekend! Congrats to Poker Enthusiast who won this tournament on Saturday. (See his post below.)

It was a rather last minute decision to play this one. I haven't been playing much Razz lately, but I didn't want to get too rusty, as I'm hoping to participate in PE's KORS tournaments, so I registered.

The tournament started out slowly for me, I was playing pretty tight, which is the opposite of my usual early play. I tend to get too aggressive too quickly and I'm working on that. I didn't get really lucky or unlucky, it was a nice (but rare) balance.

I was sitting about 7th in chips when a player made me literally LOL. There were two guys who had become table buddies, one of them had just busted and was giving some advice to his new friend, who was the chip leader at the time.

xNUMIx (Observer): this is yours
Dealer: Belgarath32 wins the pot (390)
Dealer: Hand #7019688043
xNUMIx (Observer): watch out for jude
xNUMIx (Observer): she's good
cereeves1: lol ty

That was hilarious to me. I mean he was 'talking' like I wasn't even there. I had been quiet, maybe he thought my chat was off. I don't know, but it made me laugh.

I only had one river suckout, but it was for a huge pot against two all-in players on the final table bubble, (one of them was cereeves1 from the chat above) hitting my nut low draw against a made 8 (if I remember correctly) and a 10. That was a key hand. To be honest, I thought they would fold before they reached the all-in point...I mean they could see my cards!...but fold, they did not.

After making a good read on the chip leader at the final table for a pot that crippled him, I was called the worst Razz player he'd ever seen! I may dig this one out of the hand histories later and post about it, but basically I put the guy on a bluff and after using my time bank, I called the river and he was indeed bluffing. He went nuts. It was great.

Then I got to heads-up with Allan. I swear this was a grueling HU match. He played way too tight for HU and this allowed me to catch up to his 2 : 1 chip lead. But everytime we would actually play out a hand, he would hit and I would brick, knocking me right back down. Then I'd get back up with my aggressive betting and right back down again. It was so frustrating. So, on the 3rd time I had taken the chip lead back, I decide there is no way I'm gonna get this guy to make a mistake unless I trap him. Let him catch up a little, enough to continue playing. 'Cause let me tell you, it seemed he was folding everything but four cards to a 6 low draw....

Finally I pick up a trapping hand A2(4) and he has a 6 up. You know what the first rule of Razz should be? Do not slow play a hand that's not made! LOL Yea, I nearly slow played my way right into a 2nd place finish there.

By this time, I didn't really know what to do with this guy. It seemed that I just couldn't close the deal! I continued to chip back up with completion bets and re-raises until once more I had the chip lead by a couple hundred chips. I was tired and frustrated, very close to giving up, but I tried my best to stay focused. We took one more hand to showdown and amazingly, his bricks were worse than my bricks on that one. Ship it! :)

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