Friday, February 8, 2008

Gonna Try and Storm the Castle

I've stayed away from the tables most of this week. I did play the $5 Razz tourney on FT but did get any love. I think I played ok but couldn't catch any breaks what so ever. It happens some times and I have to stay focused on playing correctly and letting things happen. I think I fall into the trap of trying to force things sometimes. That is a method of play but not really my style. I honestly think I can go deep in any tournament I play if I play my game so I just have to stay on top of it.

I will probably play a little tonight. I'm looking at the Stars tourney, the 2K on FT and probably the $5 one later on. I may also throw in the daily double for some hold'em action but that depends on how the other events are going.

I did have a high note the other night. I was playing in a HORSE tourney the other night and ended up with Richard Brodie at my table. He had a nice stack while mine was smallish. Anyway, HORSE tourneys can change quickly and it did for me. I hit rolled up kings on a couple of hands during stud and they held up. As the game continued we moved to Omaha h/l and it is fold to me on the button. Richard is in the BB so I raise it up. He is now a short stack and I have a chance at the bounty. So, we get all our money in the middle and my weakish hand holds up vs. his weaker hand. I get a t-shirt.

Thats it for me...Have a great weekend.


CSuave said...

Congrats on taking out the Quiet Lion.

Shamburglar said...

::In best Billy Crystal voice::

Have fun stormin' da castle!

Rich: the original PushMonkey said...

Weeeee, Nice job. To bad they don't put "I busted Richard Brodie" on the shirts. They probably should :)