Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Walls of the Castle Came Down

That’s right folks…after a run of bubble finishes and disappointment I made a nice run and ended in 3rd in the 2K Razz. It started out slowly but I hit a couple of big hands and stayed away from trouble. I had a super donkey at my table that tried to knock me out a couple times but he doubled me up at the right time and put me in 2ndas the bubble broke. I’ll post a hand or two on this later.

I knew I was due with the deepish runs I was getting. As many of you know, tournament razz is a game of being in position to get lucky when it gets late. Survival meets opportunity might be the right way to describe it and that’s what happened this time. I did also play the 1K on Stars but continued my run of made 6s being beat with two more smacking me in the face. I don’t know this can happen so often but it seems to be killing me right now.

I’ll post the hand histories later this weekend.

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jusdealem said...

Nice job! Congrats! :)