Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What is the Right Level to Play in Cash

As I've been playing much more Razz cash games I thought I would talk about staying within your self and finding the right limit for you.

Being kind of new to the cash tables, I have been tracking all of my play at each level to see if there are any indications that could show why I am doing well or sucking it up. What I have found id kind of interesting and shows that I should be playing at a certain level in my honest opinion.

The first thing is Time at the tables. I have the total table time at each level as one of my indicators so I can track rate per hour. But, what I've seen is the majority of my play at .50/1 and 1/2. Well over half of my table time has been spent here with most of it at 1/2. I also have my best rates at these levels so this shows to me that I am comfortable playing here. My average session length is also longer at these two levels then at the others I have played. At .25/.50 My sessions have been very short and I think this is indicative of boredom or indifference. They buy in is such small portion of my bankroll that I feel no desire to stay focused and exploit the bad play. This isn't always the case but I found that watching tv became more important then watching the table. At 2/4 and 3/6 I had some success but because I wasn't in my comfort zone, I would be willing to cut my losses instead of grinding back the profits. The monetary swings are a little more than I'm ready for right now. I will continue to take shots at both of these levels.

So with 2000 plus hands and .50/1 and 1/2, I'm running well at about 3.5 BB/100 hands. I have to play a lot more to see if I can keep this up but I think I can do this with my reads and note taking. There are many players that I have good notes on and they continue to play hands the same way without switching gears.

So how do I change my comfort zone? Like I said, I will take some shots from time to time at some bigger games. I'm trying to stick to playing a level if I have 400 BB so to play 1/2, I will need to have at least 800 dollars. To play 2/4, I will have to have 1600. Deviation to this will be based on open tables and the players at those tables. If there is a good 3/6 table going, I will be more than willing to jump in but maybe at a limited basis. I think I need to be a little more non-caring about the money on the table so these shots will help me get there.

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