Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Grinding...Is It Always Worth The Bonus?

You know its funny...I go around playing tournaments all the time and then I get a bonus offer. I chase a bonus and get lucky to break even. I think the real problem is that I have not used cash games as a way of funding for the most part. I have been playing a lot of Razz cash with mixed results. Most of those mixed results come from a couple of sessions playing way to high and taking a hit. Other than that it has been ok. But playing 3/6 Razz on a short bankroll is stupid.

Last night I three tabled some .50/1 tables and didn't have to much trouble. i missed one hand to a time out when I was involved in a big hand at another table. It was a playable hand but only marginally. The problem with playing .50/1 id that most times it is hard to find a table. Most times there is maybe one table going so I have to move up to 1/2. 1/2 is ok but I shouldn't three table it because of bankroll constraints so I have to drop back to playing two tables. I try to avoid the smaller tables unless I'm just playing around.

I was involved in a few strange hands last night that indicate that I may need to open up my stating hands a bit. I've seen so many players folding early when a call seems to be the right move. Maybe they paired up but you can't always fold to a brick on 4th street. Good players will use that to exploit you. If a player is known to fold easily, a good player will use that tendency to pick up small pots from the opponent.

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