Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good Point

Mark Gritter who probably has more Razz credibility,or at least math skillz, than any of us humble authors tried to show Jordon why his play was wrong. Jordon being short sited and results oriented would not listen. I think this is why poker is lucrative. I have no idea why any of us try to teach anyone a god damn thing since it is severely -EV. Let me know if you prefer a different link Mark I always like to get the right link back for people who seem intelligent.

He did bring up a point slamming yours truly in a good way. He mentioned that my idea of leaving a table after I get up a buyin is ludicrous. If the table conditions are still good why would you leave? I totally agree with you Mark. Essentially in thinking about this I do it more to deal with my short comings in poker in general. I tend to be an emotional player. If I am hitting a table hard and doing well and making money and then I take a downfall it just makes me feel horrible. I always try and stay and win it back. By setting a stopping point and leaving successful I feel good about my game and my session. The underlying problem of being too results oriented needs to change but until it does I will probably stick with it. I was probably wrong to suggest everyone work this way though.

I had another good session at the Razz tables last night though leaving up almost two buyins at 2/4. Guys like Jordon were calling me to the river with tens and nines and everything I played was hitting. It was one of those good nights where you can do no wrong. I intend to write some more about my opinions on Razz but I realize I need to learn more about the game. I am much better than most people I play against but that will change as I move up the ladder. I am good at using position, choosing good starting cards, and being patient for the most part. I am horrible at realizing the effect of the other players cards on my hand and knowing when to let a hand go. I will post more on this later.

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