Monday, January 14, 2008

Slowing Down: Surflexus

Here's an example of a hand where I didn't bet the edge early. If I brick I can get away cheaply. My up cards never really gave my hand away so they were left to wonder:

Full Tilt Poker Game #4860767058: Table Pennwood - $0.25/$0.50 Ante $0.05 - Limit Razz - 18:36:57 ET - 2008/01/14
Seat 1: WHO DEY211 ($5.80)
Seat 2: surflexus ($9.85)
Seat 3: wikidcic ($3.05)
Seat 4: Gallian ($10.85)
Seat 5: rosegroove ($6.40)
Seat 6: dsvw56 ($25.75)
Seat 7: doubletake33 ($4.35)
Seat 8: Texoil1 ($2.70)
*** 3RD STREET ***
Dealt to WHO DEY211 [6s]
Dealt to surflexus [2c 4h] [Ac]
Dealt to wikidcic [9s]
Dealt to Gallian [8s]
Dealt to rosegroove [6h]
Dealt to dsvw56 [4c]
Dealt to doubletake33 [Td]
Dealt to Texoil1 [7s]
doubletake33 is high with [Td]doubletake33 brings in for $0.10
Texoil1 folds
WHO DEY211 calls $0.10
surflexus calls $0.10
I decide to limp in with such a great draw. There was a lot of chasing going on at this table so I didn't have to lead the betting very often.
wikidcic calls $0.10
Gallian folds
rosegroove foldsds
vw56 folds
*** 4TH STREET ***
Dealt to WHO DEY211 [6s] [6c]
Dealt to surflexus [2c 4h Ac] [Qd]
Dealt to wikidcic [9s] [Th]
Dealt to doubletake33 [Td] [Qc]
wikidcic checks
doubletake33 checks
WHO DEY211 checks
surflexus checks

*** 5TH STREET ***
Dealt to WHO DEY211 [6s 6c] [8c]
Dealt to surflexus [2c 4h Ac Qd] [3s]
Dealt to wikidcic [9s Th] [2h]
Dealt to doubletake33 [Td Qc] [7d]
wikidcic bets $0.50
doubletake33 folds
WHO DEY211 calls $0.50
surflexus calls $0.50
I've got a great draw but I still don't have a made hand.
*** 6TH STREET ***
Dealt to WHO DEY211 [6s 6c 8c] [2s]
Dealt to surflexus [2c 4h Ac Qd 3s] [8h]
Dealt to wikidcic [9s Th 2h] [Jh]
wikidcic checks
WHO DEY211 bets $0.50
surflexus calls $0.50
wikidcic folds
I'm ahead here but WhoDEY could draw out on me. I decide to just call. I'm pretty sure wikidcic is going to call but he surprises me and folds on out of the way.
*** 7TH STREET ***
Dealt to surflexus [2c 4h Ac Qd 3s 8h] [5s]
I decide not to risk a check raise so I go ahead and bet it out.
surflexus bets $0.50
WHO DEY211 raises to $1
surflexus raises to $1.50
WHO DEY211 folds
Uncalled bet of $0.50 returned to surflexus
surflexus mucks
surflexus wins the pot ($5.05)
I win a nice little pot and don't have to expose the strength of my hand.....nice.


TanOrpheus said...

Hey Surflexus, as a beginner razz player it's good to see a Razz blog out there !
Isn't it a mistake not to raise on 6th street, he can only have A2368 when you have A2348. Even though a 4,5 or 7 would outdraw on you.
What do you do on the river if you still haven't improved ?

The Poker Enthusiast said...

Good call tanorpheus. You need to make them pay to draw on you and yes surf was ahead so he should bet.

He should also be raising on 5th with the draw he has. So many cards lock him up as a winner and these two players appear to be ready to pay him off. Slowing down should not be an option because the guy with the 8 will probably call anyway.

Mark Gritter said...

I think you really need to raise 5th here on the strength of your draw--- you are a clear favorite over the made T9. If you catch good on 6th and they brick, you could pick up the pot right there without any additional money going in.

I would raise 6th too.

If they're going to chase, charge 'em for it... there's no need for this much misdirection.