Friday, January 11, 2008

Playing Some Razz Cash With the Writers of Brickin The Nutz

The first ever Brickin The Nutz cash game went off without a hitch last night. We had a revolving band of bloggers and random players hit the table including the writers here. They included pushmonkey, jo, Oh Captain, gadzooks64(I'll try and do links later) with a short arrival of HoP who never actually sat down.

It started off fun when I called IT's bet while I held a king up. He had the only low and we were 3 handed at the time so I called with 2 low cards behind. In the end I sucked out on 7th street to look like the Razz idiot I am. We had Surflexus catching cards for most of the night and waffles ranting at random times about all the donkey plays we made. I doubled my stack in the first 20 minutes or so, gave some back when I let someone catch back because I wanted to extract an extra bet on a later street and ended the night back up almost a buy-in. It was good fun and I hope to set this up a couple of times a month if it is possible.

Thanks again to everyone that came to play last night. Have a great day.


RaisingCayne said...

I actually came across the table when y'all were playin' there. But, after a few minutes on the waiting list I gave up patiently waiting for a seat to open.

Hope you're able to post in advance when/where the next time you guys get together for a little Razz action. I'm always down for trying to draw to the nut low with some good company.

OhCaptain said...

I had fun playing last night! I'll be back next week. Sorry I couldn't stay long, the Mrs needed me to leave.

Not sure anyone saw this but it was kind of interesting to hear his philosophy. It's from Card Player TV. It's an interview with TJ Cloutier about razz strategy.