Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Staying Focused (PE)

I have a few things.

I think surf played the hand right except for maybe on 7th street. I think the play should be check call because you know the guy is chasing and if he hits he could re-raise and you will have to make that call with all that money in the pot.

I am going to try and qualify for the FTOP Razz event in February. I may be looking for some backers if I have to buy in direct so if you are interested you can leave a comment and I will get in touch.

I played a little Razz last night and made a nice run. I have a hand to post in a minute but I'd like to comment on one huge mistake I made in the middle stages. With a chip stack in the top 10 I am dealt A74 and call a completion from a earlier player. The flop comes with a Q and he pairs. Nobody is clearly ahead so I call his bet. 5th street is a 4 for me and I call a raise. i failed to recognize that it paired and I wasted a bet because of lost focus...In Razz you have to make good decisions or else you will lose.

Anyway, later on we are close to the money and I am short stacked sitting with 663. It is folded to me and I see one player behind me with an ace up and the bring-in. I have 1800 chips and the bets are 400/800. Do I need to try the steal here? I think I do because the player with the ace has little more than I and he may fold. He actually re-raised me. So then the question is do I call or do I fold to the re-raised. I think I have to call.

Thats it for today. Check out The Poker Enthusiast if you have time.

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