Saturday, January 19, 2008

Volgon...The New KORD Champion

Well, other then having the time messed up last night, it was a nice tournament. 21 players showed up for a night of masochistic enjoyment and we all got what we asked for. In the end, Volgon out dueled Surflexus to become the KORD champion this month. Instant Tragedy ended the night in 3rd place while TCGRO was the bubble boy. I want to thank everyone for playing and I truly think we would have a better turn out if I hadn’t messed up the time. Being that this is the first tourney of the year, the writers at BTN are tied with the field at $52.50. with the 2nd and 3rd place finishers being on the writing staff. Here are the bust outs as they happened.

eagleman527 bricked with a short stack to be the first out and give waffles the first bounty of the night.

jacksquat97 was the next out when IT hits a 6 and gets his first bounty.

bayne_s had the tough luck hand of the night as his 6 lost to the perfect 6 of god of war.

TCGRO then knockouts out katitude when he hits a 6.

I missed the next screen shot when the tables combined but IT knocked out memphis00 to get his 2nd bounty.

Dirty_Dog711 was next to go when his draw didn't come in as fullpackages takes him down.

Waffles knocks out God of War and SLB with a Q door card for sickest hand or as we may call "The Jordan". Three bounties for waffles so far.

Volgon takes out Luv2ride00 on his march to the championship.

surflexus takes out mowenemdown for a bounty win.

pushmonkey72 takes down the host in this and wins a bounty.

waffles gets taken out by pushmonkey72.

At some point full packages gets knocked out but I didn't get the hand history.

So the final table looked like this.

IT takes out bugwoman and tanorpheus early at the final table for 2 more bounties.

TCGRO takes out pushmonkey72 after a run of bad cards for push.

Surf takes out sammymorb to get us to the bubble.

Volgon takes out TCGRO to burst a long hard fought bubble.

Volgon takes out IT to get heads up with surflexus.

Volgon takes down past champ surflexus and is now the BTN KING OF RAZZ DONKS.

TCGRO won the random bounty that was placed on pushmonkeys head and earned $10 for his efforts.

I will have information later this month on the nest BTN KORD tourney so stay tuned for the details.

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kurokitty said...

That's pretty impressive that Surf is always up in the top of tourneys, everywhere you look.