Thursday, January 10, 2008

Playing some Dookie

Had a crappy night playing Razz.

It started well with some cash action but a series of chasers turned a nice win into a small victory. I jumped into the $5 Razz tourney and had a nice stack going for much of the tourney but I tried to chase down a T when I had A234J and bricked the last three cards to lose to that T.

The Dookie was a lot of fun as always I chipped up nice. Ny hands hit me well and even when I bricked my hand looked much better than my opponents. Then the card deadness came but I still hand a manageable stack when I got chased down with the better hand and an even better draw. But the bricks kept flying and I got knocked out on the final table.

The end of the evening was like getting hit in the nutz over and over again. The chasers kept hitting and I ended the evening a little lighter in the bankroll. Still, I the Razz experience is what the world needs.

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