Friday, January 4, 2008

The Next KORD, A Razz Home Game on Full Tilt and a Final Table (PE)

It was a pretty good night last night in that I made the final table of my favorite Razz tourney. I even had JudeSalem playing in it with me so maybe we’ll get an update from her on the tourney. Anyway, I stayed between 1100 and 23oo chips for much of the tourney with little action for my good hands and by avoiding some pitfalls. As the tourney field got down to under 20 I was maybe 15th and just waiting to get a chance to double. I hit pay dirt and eventually made the final table in 6th place. There was one huge stack trying to run over the table so I stayed away unless I was pretty solid and went to war with the goods. My tight play paid off when I won some pots with marginal holdings and eventually got to the final 4. One super short stack went on a run to bump me into 3rd when I look down at 4TA. The huge stack had a J up so I raise knowing I am ahead and hoping to steal. He re-raises and we go to war. We both bricked the rest of the way but I bricked harder for 4th place. Still a nice run.

I sat at the final table with LUV2Ride00 for a bit. I had some notes on her play and watched her take 6th in the 2K Razz the night before. Anyway, Surflexus played a SNG with her so I thought I would give her a shout out. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

As for Jude, she made a nice run but ran into some bricks to come up short.

I was talking with a few of the writes here at Brickin and we have decided to start a weekly home game. We will be playing some .25/.50 Razz every Thursday at 9:00pm central. We will open a table for our selves but anyone who wishes to join in the action is more than welcome. The idea is to see if we can create a waiting list of players wanting to play against us donkeys. So do a search for us on the 10th and come join us.

The next KORD tourney has been posted on Full Tilt. It will be on the 18th at either 9 or 9:15 central…I forget which. Anyway, it is a knockout tourney with a $7.70 buy-in so you get $2 for every knockout you get. I will probably throw out a random bounty at some point so stay tuned.

For those of you that are not sure what KORD is…It stands for King of Razz Donks. I started this on The Poker Enthusiast blog and have moved it to here because of it being Razz.

Check out The Poker Enthusiast

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jusdealem said...

You've been on a nice run in these lately! Gooooooo PE! :)

I prolly won't have time today, I may be able to post some HHs tomorrow, tho. I'll try.