Monday, January 7, 2008

There is a Hole in the Dike (PE)

So after running good for a few days, I was smacked in the face with bricks. I knew it was due so I took my lumps and started a new tourney shortly before being eliminated. I honetly bricked every hand except two and in the two I won, my opponent dropped out quickly. I even tried to give him a chance to catch up but he bricked again. Nothing more to say about that.

I have identified a leak. It is not a good one to have either. I have noticed a large amount of bubble area bust-outs and realized that I am maning up to much at this time. I don't want to play passive if I have the chance to gain chips so I have been going stupid aggressive trying to show no fear. Stupidity seems to be my strong suit at times. Anyway, It cost me a chance at a nice score in the 2K so if I don't plug the leak, I will be in trouble.

I think this has come from trying to be more agrressive near the bubble. I've been trying to gain chips during this part of tourneys and don't like it when players play back. For the most part I have had great starting hands that bricked and need to throw them away to fight another day but can't seem to find the fold button. When I do find the fold button I run deep. The key to my game is patient aggression and playing like a maniac won't get it done.

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