Monday, January 28, 2008

No FTOPS for Me...Yet

Well I took my first two shots at the Razz FTOPS event. No love for me as I bubbled at least the cash twice. The play in these goes from donkish to super tight and I think I need to be willing to mix it up a little more at the bubble. Stealing is important and I think I played a little to tight in both of these. That being said, One of the big stacks doubled up two shorties twice when he tried to push them off their hands. This guy was a real tool and talked crap the whole time. I so wanted him to bust.

I did play multi table some Razz cash at 1/2. Some of the play here is bad but table selection is important. There are some solid players out there and if you get to a table of these it is better to move up or down to get away. Its not that I can't play with them but when there are 5 good players at the table, it is hard to make a buck.

I made a nice run in the 2K on Friday night. I bubbled the final table after being in 4th with 10 players left. I had one of those hands where you are sitting with four cards under a 7 and your opponent has a 9 and 10 up. He calls yo down with his made 9 and you brick the rest of the way. I'm not going to back down in that situation because I want his chips and I know I will win there more time then I lose. Winning that hand puts me in 1st and I can start stealing a ton. Instead I get double my buy-in.

If anyone has a hand they would like me to post and discuss, feel free to send it to me. you can find my e-mail address on my profile to the right. Just click on The Pokerenthusiast.

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