Wednesday, January 9, 2008

PE's Razz Question #3

Played the razz tourney like crap last night. Over played the nut draw on 4th street and bricked away a huge chunk of my stack. After getting knocked out I played some cash games with a nice return overall. I had this hand come up and would like some comment on weather I played it right. I can justify my play but I’m not sure it was right.

Full Tilt Poker Game #4791485980: Table Danville - $0.50/$1 Ante $0.10 - Limit Razz - 23:54:00 ET - 2008/01/08
Seat 1: surflexus ($42.10)
Seat 3: JudeSalem ($21.75)
Seat 4: jsdjason ($16.35)
Seat 5: pokerenthusiast ($14)
Seat 6: lvplayer ($11.55)
Seat 7: philixer ($24.15)
Seat 8: charlychance ($13.35)
lvplayer antes $0.10
surflexus antes $0.10
JudeSalem antes $0.10
pokerenthusiast antes $0.10
charlychance antes $0.10
5 seconds left to act
philixer antes $0.10
jsdjason antes $0.10
*** 3RD STREET ***
Dealt to surflexus [Js]
Dealt to JudeSalem [4d]
Dealt to jsdjason [8s]
Dealt to pokerenthusiast [2c 6c] [4h]
Dealt to lvplayer [6h]
Dealt to philixer [7d]
Dealt to charlychance [Ac]
surflexus is high with [Js]
surflexus brings in for $0.15
JudeSalem calls $0.15
jsdjason folds
pokerenthusiast completes it to $0.50
lvplayer folds
philixer calls $0.50
charlychance calls $0.50
surflexus folds
JudeSalem calls $0.35

I always raise with this kind of a hand. I don’t want big cards behind getting in cheap. Four to the flop.

*** 4TH STREET ***
Dealt to JudeSalem [4d] [Kh]
Dealt to pokerenthusiast [2c 6c 4h] [Ks]
Dealt to philixer [7d] [Th]
Dealt to charlychance [Ac] [Ts]
charlychance has 15 seconds left to act
charlychance bets $0.50
JudeSalem folds
pokerenthusiast calls $0.50
philixer calls $0.50

I call because nobody has a made hand a the ones they have are beatable.

*** 5TH STREET ***
Dealt to pokerenthusiast [2c 6c 4h Ks] [9d]
Dealt to philixer [7d Th] [Tc]
Dealt to charlychance [Ac Ts] [Qc]
charlychance has 15 seconds left to act
charlychance bets $1
pokerenthusiast raises to $2
philixer calls $2
charlychance calls $1

I raised here with the better draw. My 9 is two cards better than either players drawing hand. I raised it to make them pay for drawing. Is this the right move here?

*** 6TH STREET ***
Dealt to pokerenthusiast [2c 6c 4h Ks 9d] [Td]
Dealt to philixer [7d Th Tc] [Ah]
Dealt to charlychance [Ac Ts Qc] [5h]
charlychance bets $1
pokerenthusiast calls $1
philixer raises to $2
charlychance folds
pokerenthusiast calls $1

philixer is making my play by raising with a much better draw. The other player folds with what is the worst draw.

*** 7TH STREET ***
Dealt to pokerenthusiast [2c 6c 4h Ks 9d Td] [3s]
pokerenthusiast checks
philixer checks
*** SHOW DOWN ***
philixer shows [Jd 5d 7d Th Tc Ah 2h] T,7,5,2,A
pokerenthusiast shows [6c 3s 4h Ks 9d Td 2c] 9,6,4,3,2
pokerenthusiast wins the pot ($14.85) with 9,6,4,3,2

His draw misses and I take a pot. Did I play this right or is it more correct to check call?

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