Saturday, January 5, 2008

Very Nice I Guess (PE)

Deep frustration. That was the feeling I had as I got knocked out of the 2K Razz last night on Full Tilt. I was the chip leader for a while and as we got closer to the bubble, I even got some great starting hands. But as the title of this blog indicates, I bricked the nutz or got a brick in the nutz. This really didn’t matter because as we hit the bubble I got A24. I raised and my opponent raised. Is this the moment of truth? I started the hand with 7K and now have 2K into the pot. He pairs his 3 up and I hit a Q on 4th street. I bet trying to show no fear and he bets. Do I drop it or do I get all in? The last time I had looked at the number of players left we were 4 from the money so I didn’t know we were on the bubble. This is truly the biggest mistake I made on this hand and in this tourney. I probably check fold 4th street. Anyway, I brick, brick, brick and bubble.

I was very frustrated by this. I play a very solid game to that point and to give it all away on a momentary lapse of sanity really sucks. Luckily, I had the $5 Razz going at the same time.

Surf was playing and chipped up nice but I will let him finish the story his way. So eventually, I got deep again. I was sitting with a top six stack and the idiocy that happened in the 2K tried to enter my mind. I beat it back and hit a big hand to move up. I kept my focus and worked my place equity with my chip stack and went on a super rush with three player left. When I got heads up with a 1K chip lead I offered a chop to a new player call_my_hand and he agreed if he got the win. What ever, I don’t have to have the win. He played a nice tourney for his first ever Razz tourney. Congrates on the nice finish.

So this could have been a huge night if not for the bubble screw up.

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jusdealem said...

Sorry to read about the 2k bubble, I can imagine how terribly frustrating it was.

On the bright side, you are just killing these $5s!! wOOt!!