Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A Little Razz...SNG Style...Looking at Surf's Hand (PE)

I played a couple of $5 Razz SNGs the other day. As a matter of fact, I saw Surflexus playing the one he wrote about and thought I would give it a try. In my first one, I got cards that make it easy to play the game. In the first hand I had a 7 on 6th street and had a player with a J, K and an 8 calling me down. Weeeeeeeeeeee I say. Anyway, I got heads up eventually but missed when I chased like a donk. But at least I made a few bucks.

In the 2nd one I thought I got run over by bricks but after I looked at the hand history I realized I only played 4 hands. further review showed me that I had two other hands that I could have played when I folded with an 8 behind. Now most times I like to only play three under a 7 but in these donkaments I should prolly open up a little. I'm not sure yet. I'm going to study it and see how it looks.

I was looking at Surf's hand histories and would like to make a few comments. In the first one, The bet call is fine pre 4th street. But I think betting on 4th is a mistake. His 8 is behind the 65 so controling the pot size is important. Check calling here is a better play in my opinion. On 5th street, things got crazy. Even though Surf had the best hand, I think the bette move is check call. jsmarble has a huge draw and might actually be favored at this point. If it was heads up maybe a raise to see where you are at but when sigurvin666 with prolly the worst draw a call is in order I think. From this point on you are oriced in to call til the end.

Now Surf did say he did a poor job in this hand and that is good. He saw the mistakes and will improve from it.

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