Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I R Genius

I played alright in the "Skillz" game. I got really fucked over when Jordon decided it would be smart to call a complete with two people in the hand with a Queen door card. I would explain how stupid this is but Jordon would not understand. It would go something like this. Jordon would be in his bedroom talking to his full length mirror as he does so often.

Jordon: Good Morning Jordan! You are looking sexy today! Are you ready to go and save the world like Perry Mason you sexy devil!!!
Jordon: Oh what is this. That hatah! I can not believe Waffles could question any play I make. I mean calling a raise against two people with a Queen door card is brilliant, don't you think Jordan? Of course it is! You are soo smart. Come here and give me a kiss.
Jordon: I mean who cares if my hand will not be defined for 3 more expensive bets and over half my stack will be in the middle before I know how my hand is going to play? I am brilliant and I need no stinking math nerds to tell me anything.
Jordon: Hey Kim, get out of the Mirror, you are blocking my view!
Jordon: Now people may call me a Donkey but I am just an AGGRO player! You can not win without that Aggressiveness! Booyah! Kiss Kiss Baby! Not you Kim. Jordan you are so pretty.

Anyways please do not follow Jordon's donkish play and call raises with Queen door cards. That one time it actually works out and your opponent bricks 5 times will NOT pay for all the times you lose. You will lose this hand almost every time.

Razz tourneys are fun but they rely on you catching cards at the end of the MTT not at the beginning. I was near top in chips for most of the game and then could not catch a hand to save my life. Razz can be very streaky and this is exactly why I say to double up and leave the table when playing cash. This has worked very well for me. Obviously in an MTT you do not have this option. Better luck next time I guess.


Mark Gritter said...

Another point the guy with the Q doesn't seem to realize is how easy it will be for the other two to push him out of the pot on 4th...

However, what's this "I double up and leave" B.S.? Does your streak magically end when you double up? If you'd bought in for twice as much, you'd play for twice as long? Cards don't have memory.

HighOnPoker said...

Haha! I actually independently wrote about that very hand in my blog, Woffles. I think if you look it over, you might learn a thing or two about Razz. Go back to Limit Hold'em. Leave Razz for the thinkers.

SirFWALGMan said...

This should be good tard.

SirFWALGMan said...

Please everyone go and read Jordon's incredibly stupid explanation. Point being not the 35 bring in Jordon. The problem is you will not define your hand until 6th street. So you have absolutely no room for error and you have committed a large portion of your stack without even knowing if you will have a draw. It is moronic. Only exception I would think is if you are short and want to go all in and try and catch better. Otherwise it is just dumb.

HighOnPoker said...

First off, your problem IS with my call, since you wrote very clearly: "Anyways please do not follow Jordon's donkish play and call raises with Queen door cards." So, try to not change the argument. Second, you seem to think that 35 was a large percentage of my stack (your quote: "So you have absolutely no room for error and you have committed a large portion of your stack without even knowing if you will have a draw."). Wrong again. 35 is NOT a large portion of my stack. Finally, I can see two cards for 85 (the 35 call and a 50 bet call on fourth street if I deem it worth continuing with the hand). That isn't a lot of money. As it turns out, my 35 gamble netted me a nice amount of chips. I might not have a defined hand until 6th street, but I will have enough information to decide what I need to do along the way.

Plain and simple, you are angry because you lost the hand. That's what it is all about.

Now, I don't have the hand history, so I'm going on memory. But if you have it, I'd love to see it and we can discuss further.

The point is, you can bitch and moan all you want about me, but it won't improve your Razz skills.

Jane Doe said...

People as stupid as you shouldn't be allowed to posses the internet.

SirFWALGMan said...

Plain and simple you did commit a large portion of your stack not knowing anything Jordon. Because if you entered this pot your not going to know if your better than a Queen until 6th street. You can justify your short sighted play anyway you want. You basically just saying that I think my queen will improve by 6th street and I am willing to commit 1/2 my stack to finding out if it does. There is no justification for this kind of play. It is just short sited and very level 0 thinking. I expect more of you.